Stone Treat

Stone Treat 404


Stone Treat 404 is used for waterproofing of concrete and mortar used in beams, basements, bathrooms and balconies, external plastering, RCC columns, roof slabs and screeds, sumps and drains, and water tanks and water retaining structure.


Stone Treat 404 is:

How to Use:

  1. For every bag of 60kg cement, add 200ml of Stone Treat 404 in the concrete mortar mix.
  2. While getting concrete or mortar ready, the recommended dose of Stone Treat 404 should be blended into the gauging water. To dispense the liquid, the concrete or mortar should be blended for 2 to 3 minutes thoroughly.
  3. As per good construction practices, cure the applied concrete or mortar.



2.0% Chloride content


For higher durability of concrete and mortar, maintain water cement ratio as low as could be expected under the circumstances (<0.5).